The Secrets of Economic Indicators: Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends and Investment Opportunities

By Bernard Baumohl

(Pearson Education / FT Press)

The Secret Economic Indicators

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"Bernie Baumohl has written a "must read" educational and reference book that every individual investor will find indispensable for watching, monitoring and interpreting the markets. The daily flow of high-frequency economic indicators is the stuff that makes financial markets move and that can signal the big trends that make or break portfolios."
Allen Sinai, President and Chief Global Economist
Decision Economics, Inc.
"This is the most up-to-date guide to economic indicators and their importance to financial markets in print For anyone trying to follow the economic data, this should be next to your computer so that you can understand and find the data on the Internet."
David Wyss, Former Chief Economist
Standard & Poor's
"Bernie Baumohl brilliantly, clearly, and, yes, entertainingly describes what every investor and business manager should know about economic indicators: which ones move markets, how to interpret them and how to use them to spot and capitalize on future economic trends. The Secrets of Economic Indicators is an extraordinary and insightful work --- an enormously important contribution to the body of financial literature. Read and then keep it on your desk. Consult it the next time you are deluged with a flurry of economic statistics. Your understanding certainly will be enhanced and your portfolio will likely be as well."
Robert Hormats, Former Vice Chairman
Goldman Sachs International
"Bernie Baumohl has accomplished something of real value in The Secrets of Economic Indicators. He has successfully de-mystified the world of financial and economic news that bombards us in our daily lives. Both professional investors and casual observers of the world of finance and economics will be grateful for what he has done... Every businessperson or investor should keep a copy of Baumohl's book close-at-hand as he or she catches up on the business, stock market, and economic events of the day. It is great, at long last, to have had someone who has eliminated what may have been so perplexing to so many and to have done so with such remarkable clarity."
Hugh Johnson, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
Johnson Illington Advisors
"This book is the real deal. If you want to make money investing, this is an essential trend tracking tool that will help you get you to the bank. Bernard Baumohl miraculously breathes life into economic indicators and statistics... He knows what he's talking about and his expertise proves it."
Gerald Celente, Director
The Trends Research Institute
"Baumohl has a gift for taking a complicated subject and allowing it to read like a fast-moving novel... My confidence in reading and understanding economic indicators as portrayed in this book made me realize the possibilities this information holds for improving both my personal net worth as well as navigating my business towards higher profits... I recommend this book if you care about your future finances."
Morris Lasky, CEO
Lodging Unlimited, Inc.
Manager and consultant for $7 billion in hotel assets
"I find Baumohl's writing fascinating. In addition to the famous indicators, he includes many that I haven't heard of. I really appreciate that he tells you exactly where to find each indicator on the Web Just about anyone who's serious about understanding which way the economy is headed will want to read this book. It could be a classic."
Harry Domash, Columnist for MSN Money
Publisher, Winning Investor Newsletter
"This is an excellent book. It's well written, accessible to a variety of readers, deals with an interesting and important subject, and covers the topic well. It deserves to get a lot of notice and use."
D. Quinn Mills, Professor
Harvard Business School