Staying in front of the business cycle is essential in today's competitive marketplace.

Let us begin with what is most important to you. Knowing where economy is headed allows you to make smarter, more confident decisions. Yet corporate leaders and money managers have to navigate through a minefield of unprecedented global economic and political hazards. These days we are dealing with the devastating effects of Covid-19, even as the geopolitical pot continues to boil furiously. Simply put, we live in a crisis-prone world economy.

Clearly the challenges have never been greater. So how do you manage a company and use its resources productively in a world that is increasingly buffeted by economic, political and military shocks?

The Economic Outlook Group

This is where The Economic Outlook Group can help. Our firm has an established track for correctly anticipating turning points in the economy. In 2019 the Wall Street Journal ranked our chief economist as the most accurate economic forecaster for the previous year. This was accomplished by formulating the best forward-looking US and international economic indicators, and by monitoring in real time rapidly changing economic and geopolitical developments around the globe. Our aim is to advise clients not just on the health and path of the economy, but to identify emerging threats that can imperil their business, disrupt supply chain networks, and destabilize capital markets. In essence, we assess the risks and opportunities ahead.

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How can we help?

The Economic Outlook Group offers two key services:

(1) FORECASTING: Our key mission is to provide clients with an accurate and non-partisan assessment on the direction of the U.S. and international economy, along with the latest evaluation of high risk economic and geopolitical hazards that can damage the business climate. By better anticipating these market-moving events, corporate decision makers can manage their financial and real assets more successfully.

(2) ECONOMIC INTELLIGENCE SEMINARS: We believe everyone should be proficient at using economic data to assess current business conditions and glean important clues about future trends. Our private seminars teach attendees how to locate and analyze the most important leading economic indicators, and then utilize this rich source of information to make sound business judgements. The insights gained help corporate managers make smarter decisions on asset allocation, pricing, consumer demand, hiring, capital expenditures, advertising and foreign trade.

These seminars are customized to suit the time constraints and location of each client. Please see our section on Seminars for additional details.

For more information about our global economic assessments or our Economic Intelligence Seminars, please call us or E-mail: